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Interesting facts about Fat Thursday

Here’s some interesting information about Fat Thursday:

-Around 100 million paczki are consumed each year on this day in Poland. What means more than 2,5 paczek for each person in Poland


-Polish bakeries sell sixty times more paczki on Fat Thursday than on any other day

-According to old Polish tradition, if you don’t eat paczek on this day this year will be unlucky for you

-One of rare varieties which you can buy in a few places in Poland is paczek with bacon

-There is the Pączki Eating Championship each year in Poznan. Winner of this year’s ate 10 in 5 minutes, 49 seconds


-Tradition of eating paczki on Fat Thursday in Poland began in XVII th century

-If you find walnut in your paczek, you will be extra lucky this year





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