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Members of the Family - Polish Vocabulary

Here's Polish names(and its diminutives) for family members.

Term Translation Diminutives
father ojciec  tata/tatuś
mother matka


parents rodzice


brother brat


sister siostra


siblings rodzieństwo


son syn


daughter córka


grandfather dziadek

dziadziuś/ dziadeczek

grandmother babcia


grandparents dziadkowie


grandson wnuk wnuczek
granddaughter wnuczka
husband mąż mężuś
wife żona żoneczka
father-in-law teść/świekr
mother-in-law teściowa/świekra
son-in-law zięć
daughter-in-law synowa
brother-in-law szwagier
sister-in-law bratowa
uncle wujek wujeczek
aunt ciotka cioteczka
cousin(male) kuzyn
cousin(female) kuzynka

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  • What about terms for great aunts and uncles? We used (forgive the spelling) Vojka and Vojenka for Bacia’s brother and wife, and Streko and Strena for Dziadzi’s.

    Krysia Mnick

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