Mięso Meat cutting board – My Polish Heritage

Mięso Meat cutting board
Mięso Meat cutting board
Mięso Meat cutting board

Mięso Meat cutting board

Every chef knows cross contamination is the opposite of what you want going on with your cutting boards. So we've created a set of cutting boards that will help you cut down on cross contamination. This board is meant for use with meat and says mięso, the Polish word for meat on it. Check out our other boards for Veggies and Fish.


Spruce up your kitchen while impressing your guests with this multi-use bamboo cutting board. The laser etched design adds some character for decor & presentation, while the other side operates as a fully functional kitchen utensil.

• Made From High Quality, Organically Grown Bamboo

• Dual Purpose Sides: One for Food Preparation & One for Display

• Finished Hole on Handle for Easy Hanging/Storage

• Free of Pesticides, Fertilizer & Chemicals

• No Artificial Coloring

• Food Safety Tested and Approved by US-FDA

• Food-Safe Lacquer Coated

• 11.5”x5.5” Handle to Base

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