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Shipping & Handling

What is your turnaround time?


During off-peak months orders are processed within 5-6 business days and ready for shipping. During peak seasonal months, orders are processed within 9-12 business days and ready for shipping. Shipping is out of our control, but generally takes 2-5 business days.

Some orders will ship at different times so your items might come in separate packages to you.

Our shipping fee includes lots of things from packaging supplies, the shipping cost itself (which goes up every year), credit card fees, website hosting fees, and to be able to pay an employee to prepare,  pack and ship your items. We appreciate you supporting our small Polish Family run business!
We do sometimes have multiple shipments per order since some of our items are made for us out of house with vendors making our designs. 
The menu at checkout has changed. We now have it calculate based on the weight of the items in your order. Sometimes that pushes it to a "Priority Shipping" selection. That is not saying it will ship Priority mail. It is due to it being over a certain weight or accounting for multiple packages to be shipped in your order. 
We are not like a big chain and can't get things shipped and arriving to you in 2 days.
Most of our items are made to order. There are processing times. The day estimation that is shown at checkout is not the total amount of time it will take to get your order. "Upgrading" shipping and selecting priority will not get your order faster unless otherwise pre arranged before ordering. 
We also run promotions and offer discounts through our wheel pop up. 
If you have any questions,  you can email us at