Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set – My Polish Heritage

Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set
Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set
Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set
Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set
Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set
Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set
Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set
Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set

Holiday Olive Oil Gift Set

Just in time for your Holiday shopping, Olio Fortunato has what you need for that hard to buy for, special someone - our 3 bottle variety pack.

 I choose the pierogi set as oils that I would use to cook pierogi in. 

This attractive gift box contains 3 of our new special 250ml bottles. It comes in four versions:

Pierogi Set  (Mediterranean Garlic, Tartufo Bianco, Formaggio di Parmigiano)

Classic Set (Italiano, Mediterranean Garlic, Spicy)

Herbal Set (Italiano, Mediterranean Garlic, Grassetto)

Culinary Set (Tartufo Bianco, Formaggio di Parmigiano, Limone di Sorrento)

Your loved one will enjoy this thoughtful and special Holiday gift! ​We will ship these variety packs anywhere in the USA (including APO/FPO addresses) with guaranteed delivery for Christmas 2020. Just order by the 16th of December and we will take care of the rest! While Supplies Last.

The bottles have a unique flow cap, so not too much oil can escape at once.  They are also sealed with foil to keep them airtight and safe for travel.

Italiano - ​Classic Italian flavors combine to make an oil ideal for dipping, mixing and cooking!

​This oil is a staple for any kitchen, and works very well in Salad Dressing, Pasta Salads and more.

Mediterranean Garlic - This oil has become the surprise smash hit of our olive oil offerings.

It is excellent for marinating vegetables, making sauces and as a drizzle on top of pizza.

Spicy Siciliano - ​If you like to walk on the spicy side with your cuisine, Spicy Siciliano is the oil for you.

​With a slow burning heat from two different types of chilies and a hint of garlic, it would be great with chicken or shellfish or in your Carne Asada or fajita.

​Grassetto - Grassetto is the Italian word for Bold. This oil is definitely bold, with garlic, onion and black pepper.

It would be excellent for marinating steak or added to your favorite pasta sauce for some depth of flavor.

Tartufo BiancoThe distinctive flavor of the rare white truffle is the basis for this exciting flavor.  With white truffles retailing for $2,000.00 per pound, they are rare indeed!

If you like butter on your popcorn, try Tartufo Bianco Olive Oil instead.  It will be better for you and the taste is indescribable.

Limone di SorrentoThe bright lemon flavor of Limone di Sorrento Olive Oil will remind you of a summer day on the Amalfi Coast.  This unique Italian lemon flavor has been captured and faithfully expressed in our finest olive oil blend.

While a great dipping oil, Limone di Sorrento is a great on the stove as it is on your snack table.  Fish, chicken or your favorite cake recipe will be enhanced by this depth of lemon flavor.

Formaggio di ParmigianoProbably our favorite olive oil is this Formaggio di Parmigiano. This oil, while true to the Parmesan cheese that flavors it, has hints of garlic and Italian peppers.  This blend certainly is one you will enjoy.

It would be excellent for dipping your favorite crusty bread or added to your pasta salad for a different depth of flavor.

You can read more about our oils and vinegar on our other website:

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